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Chloe discovered yoga about 5 years ago whilst in Bali, she only signed up to a couple of classes and didn't really know what to expect, but came away feeling elated and wanting more.

Chloe didn't revisit yoga until a couple of years later. After finishing her degree it was time time to do something for herself and finally signed up for a yoga studio membership. She soon discovered the physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga; from then on she was hooked!

Becoming a yoga teacher didn't feel very achievable at the beginning however, after being encouraged by friends and yoga teachers she decided to take the plunge!

Chloe trained in Greece with Yogahaven  for her 200 hour vinyasa yoga certificate. Following this Chloe taught classes all over Shrewsbury, ranging from gentle flows to strong dynamic vinyasa classes. In September 2020 it was time to further her yoga career and Chloe completed her 85 hour pregnancy yoga teacher training with Sally Parkes Yoga. Upon finishing her pregnancy teacher training Chloe opened her very own studio in Bishops Castle. The studio offers a tranquil space for people to relax, restore and recharge their bodies and mind.

Chloe focuses on alignment in her classes but keeps them playful and fun, never taking yoga too seriously! Chloe's biggest aim is to share yoga with everyone, allowing people to discover yoga and all it's benefits.

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